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Lecture 8

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Carolyn Ensley

Lecture 8Organizing and MemorizingKatona 1940 argued that the key to creating connections in the toberemembered material is organizationWe memorize well when we find order in the materialOrganizing and MemorizingMnemonics are strategies used to improve memory by providing an organizational frameworkThe downside is not finding a richer understanding of the material by relating it to things already known no elaboration Organizing and MemorizingPegword systems items are hung on a system of already well known pegsOne is a bun two is a shoeFirstletter mnemonicsRoy G BivKing Phillip Crossed the Ocean to Find Gold and SilverLinks Among Acquisition Storage and RetrievalMemory is facilitated by organizing and understanding the materials not by mere exposureWhat the memorizer was doing at the time of exposure mattersYou more likely to remember material if you are in the same state of mind same location etcThe background knowledge of the memorizer mattersLinks Among Acquisition Storage and RetrievalAcquisition storage and retrieval are not easily separableNew learning is grounded in previously learned stored knowledgeEffective learning depends on how the information will be later retrievedChapter 6 Acquisition and RetrievalLecture OutlineLearning as Preparation for RetrievalEncoding SpecificityDifferent Forms of Memory TestingImplicit MemoryTheoretical Treatments of Implicit MemoryAmnesia Learning as Preparation for RetrievalRecall that when we learn we make connections between the newly acquired material and representations already in memoryThese connections serve as retrieval paths when we need to remember the new materialLearning as Preparation for RetrievalStatedependent learningnew material is most likely to be recalled when the person is in the same mental emotional or biological state as when the material was learnedLearning as Preparation for Retrieval
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