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Lecture 7

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Carolyn Ensley

Lecture 7Chapter 5 Working MemoryLecture OutlineThe Modal ModelWorking MemoryEntering LongTerm StorageElaborate EncodingOrganizing and MemorizingLinks Among Acquisition Storage and RetrievalChapter 5 Working MemoryOne way to frame learning and memoryAcquisitionStorageRetrievalAnalogy to creating storing and opening a computer fileChapter 5 Working MemoryThis view is problematic for at least two reasonsNew learning is grounded in previously learned stored knowledgeYour acquisition is not independent of your storage Effective learning depends on how the information will be later retrievedThe Modal ModelInformation processingA perspective in cognitive psychology in which complex mental events involve a number of discrete componentsThese components receive input from and sent input to one anotherThe Modal ModelThe modal model AtkinsonShiffrin 1968 WaughNorman 1965 makes a distinction between two kinds of memoryShortterm memory STMholds the information currently in useLongterm memory LTMall of the information one can rememberVague model because it doesnt define remember Recognize Recall primingThe Modal ModelWorking memory WMa more recent term for shortterm memory emphasizing its functionThe Modal ModelExperiments supporting the modal modelParticipants hear a long series of words eg 30The position of an item in the presentation list is its serial positionTask is to repeat back as many words as they can in any order freerecall procedure
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