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Dietary Supplements Con't & Hypnotics and Anxiolytics

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Bruce Mc Kay

Nov 25 2010 DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS AND HERBAL REMEDIES rdContinued from last class Nov 23Three prominent dietary supplementsGinsengGinkgo biloba St Johns Wort 3 major supplements that people takeaccount for the biggest percentage of the money spent on supplements why do people take theseGinsengsupposed to make you smartercognitive performance enhancer Ginseng Possible effects of ginsengSupposed to increase vitality health decrease stress etcThought toMay help in specific neurodegenerative diseasesVery complex effects on the cardiovascular systemControversial improvements in learning everyone or just those with impairmentAntiinflammatory propertiesAphrodisiacAnticarcinogenic propertiesAdverse effectsPotential ginseng abuse syndrome hypertension diarrhea vaginal bleeding confusion depression etcNo clinical trials have been done to confirm the effects on learning so nothing supporting any of the speculations it is a chemical and you take it internallybad affects are badbut rare you would have to consume a very large amount of it to develop any problems the adverse effects happenGinkgo biloba Real effects of ginkgo bilobaReal effectsImprovement in blood flowAntioxidantprotects against cell damage from free radicalsAnticoagulant Adverse effects
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