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Colleen Loomis

Heine and Norenzayan Stages of scientific inquiry Stage 1 • Goal: to investigate the extent to which people from different cultures vary in psychological processes • new theories that facilitate the observation and discovery of interesting phenomena are proposed, and various methodological confounds are ruled out • continues while the second stage is under way • proposes theories that predict cultural differences, in particular psychological processes • Research and External Validity o Much research (92%) comes from north America, and of that, 99% is from the west o Convenience samples set them up to be ill prepared when asked if it applies to humans everywhere • Cultural variations o Meaningful cultural differences have been found in fundamental psychological processes, such as:  Eye movements for scanning inanimate scenes  attention  perception  numerical reasoning  unspoken thinking  preferences for well-being  the manifestation of psychological disorders like depression and bulimia nervosa  the need for high self-esteem  preferences for formal reasoning o less pronounced on self-report likert scales • Important components o Identify the specific situations in which some cultural differences in psychological processes are made manifest o Conduct systematic series of studies to rule out competing artifactual accounts of cultural differences. Stage 2 • Makes the most significant contributions to the science of psychology •
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