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Ch.13 Schizophrenia Section includes: The Symptoms of Schizophrenia (Positive symptoms, Negative Symptoms, Associated Features and Mental Disorders) Types of schizophrenia (Paranoid Schizophrenia, Disorganized Schizophrenia, Catatonic Schizophrenia, U

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Kathy Foxall

1SchizophreniaAffects about 1 of the populationSex ratio equal in males and femalesProbably not just one disorder but a set of disordersFever analogymany causes for a fever similarly many different causes for schizophrenia also different course in different peopleHighly disabling conditionDrugs to reduce symptoms most work on reducing dopamine levelsoSide effects does not cure11 commit suicideUsually first diagnosed in late adolescence or early adulthood most likely to have first episode between ages 1725Rare to begin before late teens or later than 20sEarlier in males than females estrogens may have a protective effectUsually but not always becomes less severe from age 40 onwardsoPerhaps because of fewer dopamine receptorsIf it newly occurs in people over 45 usually paranoid form and usually in people with sensory deficit and social isolation Question if late onset should be called schizophrenia or classified as a differentdisorder eg paraphreniaEstrogens may affect either dopamine levels or dopamine sensitivity which have been associated with schizophreniaCase of MarkFriend died and company he worked for went bankruptLacked energy and motivation to look for workMoved home with parents12Disagreements became intenseMore reclusive sloppy and bizarreParents took him to hospitalMark to psychologistI am an unreal personI am made of stone or else I am made of glassI am wired precisely wrong preciselyBut you will not find my keyI have tried to lose the key to meYou can look at me closely if you wish but you see more from afarThe psychologist noted that Mark smiles when he is uncomfortable and smiles more when in painHe cries during television comediesHe seems angry when justice is done frightened when someone compliments him and roars with laughter on reading that a young child was burned in a tragic fireHe grimaces oftenHe eats very little but always carries food awayAfter two weeks the psychologist said to himYou hide a lotAs you say you are wired precisely wrongBut why wont you let me see the diagramMark answeredNever ever will you find the lever the eternal lever that will sever me forever with my real seal deal heelIt is not on my shoe not even on the soldIt walks awayDiagnosis2
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