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stress and coping

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Eric Theriault

Lecture 7 January 27 Stress and copingA term borrowing from engineeringStressors work school and weddings Being stressed is a metaphorical term Walking is a physical stress Biological aspectTransfer from the agent to the state of the bringStress of lifeAcute vs chronic acute is the moment car accident chronic is long term arthritis StimulusbasedWhat is stress when you are under a lot of pressure or when things are getting on top of you External force or stimulus that causes stress on an individual Stress too greatIt assumes that people have a certain tolerance to stress but will become ill after too muchResponsebased What is stress Feelings of being stressed or completely stressed out Response based theorists concentrate on the psychophysiology of stressSymptoms include anxiety concentration insomnia bodily tension and fatigueInteractional When you cant copeImbalance between he perceived demands placed on the individual and the ability to meet those demandsHow to measure subjective stress Social readjustment rating scale SRRSstimulusbased Death of a spouse life change unit And lowest on scale is minor violation of law 11 How to measure subjective stress 1Hassle scales Conflict with a friend
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