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Lec - Nov 9th

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Religion & Culture
Chris Klassen

New Religions - New religious movement – religions that are new o It is in a new context  Religion itself may not be new but it’s in a new context  Hinduism first came in Americas as “Hari Krishna” o Cult – comes from academic language but has a negative baggage so now NRM o Those that are new branches of traditional religion  You have a significantly different version of religon that develops as such that is not recognized by the most  Example: Mormonism o Newly constructed – made up  Scientology – specific person comes up with a set of beliefs and doctrines he believes to be true and a church develops New Age Movement - Not a specific religion; it’s a movement - Something that is very much individualized - People have similar kinds of approaches and perspectives whether or not practicing or believing the same thing - Variety of practices - New religious context o Heavily on eastern religons o Not that you’re becoming a certain religion; drawing on certain traditions only o Also draws on western traditions  Jesus as a person; than a savior o Interst in indigenous traditions o And some new creations - New age movement is eclectic o People involved pick and choose from a variety of practices and spiritual religons
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