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Lecture 10

Introduction to Judaism - Lecture 10

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Religion & Culture
Holly Pearse

RE210 – Lecture 10  Today in Judaism o 6 Cheshvan, 5774 AM o 4174 AM - loss of Alexandria  Appreciate the use and importance of ritual space  note points of difference/similarities between synagogues and other forms of ritual space o synagogue - torah/ark acts as the source of purity, holy of holies  note points of innovation and continuity o reading of Torah and holy arch faces the east (Jerusalem)  note the general historical periods and cultural contexts, and their affects o different cultures affected the architectural structure  note the physical manifestations of Judaism  Isolation and Autonomy o middle ages time of varied periods of isolation and autonomy for Jewish communities o Jewish charters:  covenant-like agreements between Jews and non-Jewish rulers  establishing protected settlements in exchange for feudal loyalty and service/payment to the empire  Jewish quarter: enclaves within city where only Jews live, voluntarily or involuntarily o ghetto  ghettos in Italy managed by popes o mellah  Muslim equivalent - first in morocco o shtetl (shtot)  little town, started in 12th century  most did not come with anti-semantic / punishment aspect o comes about as a result of Jewish charter  1084 - Speyer  original of a central city in Germany that they settled  foundation of o
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