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RE255 - Lecture 3

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Religion & Culture
Yasaman Munro

• Hindu o Initially started as an ethno-geographic signifier (beyond Indus River) o Given by the others, but now has become a self-designation  Part of the British classification system, umbrella term • Hinduism o World religion began around 19th CE  Used by orientalists, but now reclaimed by Hindu reformers o Conventional term used in most world religion courses/books • Why Hindu Traditions o Problematizing inherited categories (tracing history of terms) o Challenging static definitions  Plurality of "traditions" captures the diversity of religious expression o Pros and cons of terminology (constant debate) • Resources to learn about Hinduism o Literary Sources  Oral and written sources  Links between language groups cultures and civilizations (Indo- European and Dravidian)  Migratory patterns of language groups  Earliest written evidence found in Aryan sacred scriptures, the Vedas (self-representation)  Not representative of the entirety of India o Material Cultures  Archeology  Art  Epigraphy, study of inscriptions  Numismatics (study of currency) o Some methodologies and Disciplines  Scholarly work drawing from variety of fields • The Indus Valley o Flourished between 2500-1800 BCE o 1500 settlements in lower and upper Indus River Valley, smaller settlements from Delhi toward border of Iran on West o Main Cities - Harappa and Mohenjo Daro o Long distance trade relations with Persian Gulf, Mesopotamia and Oxus River Valley  Mutual exchange of cultures o Water was crucial for transportation, trade and settling  Indus River • Indus Valley Civilization o Harappan Civilizat
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