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Lucy Luccisano

SY101 OCT 30 /13 Feminism came in through movements of dissatisfaction of how women felt about the way they were being treated. - war had men leave which brought women into work but when the men came back they got kicked out. - radical (domestic violence, before the police couldn’t not be involved and now will charge the spouse) 4 factors contributing to gender gap in earnings 1. stereotyping and discrimination 2. women concentrated in low-wage positions 3. heavy domestic responsibilities 4. work done by women is considered less valuable Violence and Women - sexual assault against girls is common - assaults in general – from a stranger Family Violence - how prevalent? - 1999-2004 has remained at 7 percent - 654 K women and 546 K men have experienced Women and Family Violence women are more likely to: - experience physical injury - receive medical attention - experience repeated incidents of violence - be killed by a spouse – women 3x more likely to be killed by a spouse than opposite Shelters - interrupting the inter-generational cycle of violence - changing cultural values around masculinity and violence Peggy McIntosh – White privilege: unpacking the invisible knapsack - “white privilege puts me at an advantage” - “unearned skin privilege” - What are examples of skin-colour privilege? Challenges the notion of meritocracy Whiteness Ruth Frankenberg - A position of structural advantage - A standpoint - A set of invisible cultural practices Social Construction Race/ethnicity – is it a social construction? Genes? Cultural? Social Construction? Racism - institutionalized systematically oppresses by denying or excluding on the basis of race/ethnicity (everywhere around us, part of our everyday lives - Prejudice an attitude held by individuals or groups (social) 2 components - ethnocentrism = superiority of one over another culture - stereo types = generalizations about other Universal tendency “All members in this group are…” “That’s the way they are” Discrimination - an act that has the intent/effect of denying or excluding others on the ground other than merit or ability Individual discrimination - per
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