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Lecture 4

WS204 Lecture 4 notes

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Women & Gender Studies
Helen Ramirez

Monday January 21 2013t - News: Michelle Obama got bangs… women are evaluated according to their bodies and style  All of Michelle Obama’s power rests in her hair?... - Teachers in Ontario… how often the focus of what teachers were fighting for was about wages - Teachers: get on the supply list… get to know the principles… if the principles think you’re a good supply you get called to the school - First unions in Canada were craft unions… conducted by men … tailors and weavers… women dominate as spinners  They didn’t want women as part of the craft unions, because companies would hire women at a much lower wages  Craft unions become skilled unions… like plumbers and electricians - Awful things in companies  Why were the men so angry?  Division between the manufacturing  Everything in the office needed to look amazing (bathrooms where beautiful)  Bathrooms for those working were terrible... plywood as floors  They didn’t have basic rights… the company owner said no  They started to put their faeces on the walls of the bathrooms… - Another company  Conditions here are so bad that we go home and beat our wives…  The only reason why any kind of rights exist is because they have been fought for by people at risk. - Girls under the age of 14 are not aloud of factory floors (12 for boys)  Women are not seen as workers or citizens - Winnipeg gender strike  The city had to hire in new people on the police force because the police went on also  It was quiet and six weeks long.. killed two strikers and harmed thirty… women went on strike with men, the men said they weren’t going to abandon the women but they did  The men’s contracts changed but not the women’s…  The men always say they will support the women if they support them but they don’t - Mother jones: and investigative really important magazine from the US  She was Mary jones and her family had moved from Ireland to Toronto… they knew they were both going to be starved or killed… they decapitated her grandfather’s head and put it on a stick threw town so s
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