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Administrative Studies
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ADMS 1000
Indira Somwaru

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Session #4 ADMS Employment Equity Act -> 1986 and updated in 1995 4 Designated groups -> traditionally faced barriers 1. Women  low pay, low status jobs/ grade discrimination 2. Visible Minorities  Credentials were not recognized 3. Aboriginal People  Perception / Easy Access 4. People with Disabilities  Accessibility All other things being equal... Employers were to ensure that the four designated groups had equal opportunity in employment.  Employer had to try to hire and promote designated groups by proportional representation Employers had to implement some policies which:  Provide reasonable accommodation for religious/disability issues As long as it did not cost the company undue hardship  Employment policies/procedures that hindered the hiring of designated groups Eliminate systemic barriers  Federally regulated orgs.  Contracts to government – $100,000 Implementing E. Equity Survey their workforce Determine levels Snapshot status/salaries Flow data  from hire to promotion to termination  Identify jobs, which are underpresented Identify systemic barriers/ Develop having plan Evaluate/ Post Plan  All industries go through the life cycle  The pace of movement depends on the technology that the industry uses (evolution within the industry)  Technological innovation will trigger a new cycle  or create a new industry The Lifecycle stage affects:
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