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Administrative Studies
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Eytan Lasry

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The Canadian Wine IndustryArticle by john ibbitson shows after free trade what we have learned Debate in which liberals saying free trade will become bad we gonna become americans lose health care and get guns etcThe article puts you back into the time period and the fears whether they turned out to be true Why is whine different From oil Petroleum and the other stuff we talked aboutWhat makes CDA different with whine we make it but we not exporting and theres a lot of foreign investment Its is an industry that in many ways to exist in CDADont make many computers or grow coffee beansInteresting because if not for government and support of governmentand not for LCBOthere would not be an ONT wine industry Govs visible hand is very much present in this caseThe wine industry in CDA is relatively new compard to other countries th Only in late 19 centurythe fist commercial winery was madeEssentially BC and Ont which dominate in wine industry There were a bunch of wineries in the 1920s We did not license any other licnese until 1974Slide5 o They started planted real grapes to grow mine vitis vinfera which were not native to CDA o Takes long time to produce wine with these grapeso Prior to that the grapes are mainly grown in labrunsca wine grows good in CDA but bad grapesSlide 6 o Labrunsco wine Was very impoBABy DUCKSlide 7 o Mission of LCBO is support domestic wine industry o Wevegone from an industry that was dominating by estate winesSlide 8
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