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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1010
Eytan Lasry

Oil has become in the last 30 years one of our biggest exports as the value has increased and our production and extraction has increasedOnly when oil prices are high is it economically viable to extract oil sandsPetroleum what we refrer to as oil has been around since the internal combusition engine is what made it so valuableSlide 4Nowawdays we use a lot of oil 30 billion barrelsSlide 5CDA is still big produer number 7 and we are one of the largest consumers toUs to surpass Saudi as top Oil Producer by 2016 There are rumours that we will run out of oil and the price will continue to riseSlide 6 o Darker colour higher productionSlide 7 o Number 10 in oil consumptionSlide 8 o CDN pipelines mostly go south o Not one goes eastwest in CDA o Nofool proof ensuring there wont be any problems o Refined in texas and then we gonna buy it back o Northern Gateway Edmonton to port in BC and then shipped in asia to build independence from US o Its cheaper to ship oil south and buy it back for east or buy from foreign sources rather than to ship from west to east o We shud probably do more refining and add more value then just shipping crude oilSlide 9 o We basically 3 in oil reserves o We have nonconventional oil reserves lot of hidden and unkown reservesSlide 10 o Darker is proven oil reserves more o If the reserves are disvoverd we can be the country with by far the most oil reservesSlide 11 o Oil was below 20 a barrel in 70s and huge oil spike o Spikes were huge wakeup call o Made us go to more fuel efficient methods and csmaller cars and diff methods of energy production o Gas in car crude costs are only 44 of what u paySlide 12 o Oil production is definetly increasing greatlySlide 13 o We ship like 13 mill to US and import 12 milion in eastSlide 17 o First well that was dug was Leduc 1Slide 18
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