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Lecture One: Introduction and Course Model

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1010
Alison Kemper

Business in the Canadian ContextADMS 1010 Section WLecture One Introduction and Course ModelJanuary 9 2012What is Important or Distinct about Canadian BusinessResourcesCanada has a large amount of natural resourcesOil causes disputes with environmentalistsTreesWoodlandsLand large amounts of unused landWater not living up to its potential yet but readily available in CanadaMineralsRegulationThere is a large amount of regulation of business in Canada There are some factors that make Canada different in terms of regulationCanada is largely capitalistic although there is a lot of government regulationCanada was mostly okay in the 2008 recession because there was no high risk changes in bank regulation before that time by Paul MartinRiskCanada is fairly safe in business and does not take a lot of riskRewardsThis is usually seen in the form of profits for Canadian businessesWhat Make Business Strong in a Specific Region or CountryPeople often question what makes one region more profitable over othersWhat factors contribute to this successHow can these factors be replicated in other reasonsGDP Per CapitaGDPGross Domestic Product
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