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Lecture 5

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2400
Indira Somwaru

ADMS 2400 → Lecture 5 Oct 9 – Lecture 5 (Case: Motivation in the Boiler Room)  Values from overhead handout: responsibility, autonomy, money, challenge, benefits, good boss, co-workers, opportunity to advance, etc.  Challenge and advancement are top priority values  Why is motivation not enough? What might get in the way? o Conflicts in the workplace o Employee’s lack of skill Current motivational challenges:  Generational differences o Diff generations will have diff values. This creates a challenge.  Changing psychological contract o Unwritten set of expectations that employers and employees have of each other Then (1970s) Now (2000s) Job security Employability Standard benefits Flexible benefits Paternalism Self-direction Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs  People will be motivated by fulfilling needs in a sequential manner o Self-actualization  Promotion  Training and development (T and D) o Self-esteem  Feedback from employer  Recognition  Training and development (T and D) o Belonging  social o Safety  Physical and psychological o Physiological  Food and water  What differs from person to person is values. People are motivated by different kinds of needs. Learned needs theory  Some needs can be learned  Childhood experiences/parenting styles  Needs for achievement o Entrepreneur o Self-motivated o Challenge/risky goals recognition o Feedback (money is a weak motivator)  Need for affiliation o Seek approval, conform and avoid conflict o Project a favourable self-image  Need for power o Exercise control over others o Personalized power (get ahead) vs. socialized power (help others) Good workplace should offer:  Variable rewards  Learning opportunities  Social interaction  Promotions/other forms of recognition Expectancy Theory:  E  P  O  Effort  Performance  Valued Outcome  Efforts (E will lead to higher levels of P) o Trainee’s o Provide resources o Select employee’s with qualifications (fit) o Provide role clarification (job description) o Provide feedback o Set reasonable goals  Performance o Spell out clearly what performance is needed to get the bonus (explaining how rewards are linked to performance)
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