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ADMS 2511
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ADMS 2511 Session 1 Practice QuestionsFor best results read your textbook readings for this week and then answer the questions either prior to listening to the weeks lecture or at the point noted in the slidesQUESTION 1Read Case 11 Will BlackBerry Survive the first case in Chapter 1 of our textA Find a recent article about BlackBerry and its employment situation within the last six months Keepthe URL in your answer sheet file Summarize what the article says about the employment situation at BlackBerryB Think about the effect of the current job market in the IT marketplace Which types of jobs do you think the laidoff employees of BlackBerry will be looking forC Relate the types of jobs that you described in Part B above to Figure 14 p 14 of the text At what level of information technology will these employees be workingQUESTION 2Shopify shopifyca was started by a single entrepreneur in Ottawa It has created software that is used to establish digital storefronts Started in 2005 Shopify now has over 300 employees that provide a means for independent retail stores to have a lowcost retail presence Shopify is a company that creates and hosts online stores for its custom
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