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Practice Questions and Answers on Torts

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 2610
Marcela Porporato

Practice Questions on TortsIt is the middle of winter and the temperature is 0 degrees Fahrenheit or 30C The furnace in Martins home stopped working so Martin called a Happy Furnace Repair Company HFRC to have the furnace repaired HFRC sent its best repairman John to Martins house to repair the furnaceJohn arrived at 5 pm and the repair to Martins furnace was his last call of the dayAlso John was in a hurry to get home because it was his sons first birthdaySo John rushed the repairs and connected the wires very looselyThen he turned the furnace on made sure it was working and left Martins houseDuring the day at Martins house and even in winter the sunshine against the back of the house where the washroom was heated the upstairs so Martin had a habit of opening the window during the day to cool the upstairs of the house and then close it in the evening so the pipes would not freezeToday and because of the repairs to the furnace Martin forgot to close the window and left his house to go to stay with a friend for a couple of daysJust after Martin left the furnace stopped working because the vibration shaking caused when it was running disconnected one of the loose wires As a result the temperature in the house continued to fall until it was well below freezing and with the upstairs bathroom window open the drop in temperature upstairs was so great that the water pipes burst causing water to flow throughout the bathroom and then down through the floors and ceilings to the first floor and basementThree days later Martin came home accompanied by his girlfriend Sally who lived in an apartment across the cityOn entering the house Martin and Sally found the burst pipes and water damage to his homeSally simply fainted hitting the floor and breaking her left armMartin quite upset immediately called a cleanup and restoration companyWhen the comp
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