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Administrative Studies
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ADMS 3410
Kenneth Mckay

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SESSION 2: OL/LO  Multi-lvl approach to OL - Org LVL (lead/culture/v/s/structure; acq and distr) GROUP LVL (group climate/cul/norm/dynamic/proc/nature; interdepend, interact, comm, share info, share) INDI LVL (form/inform; L&TRANS K rewarded; share/exch, apply) - Multi link: system/proc @ ORG learning @ group. Therefore, SYS/PROC must @ ea. LVL  OL: process + create/share/diffuse/apply K in org - Create+dist new K on org (“dynamic” proc) - Ind learns org learns - Ex of OL: newsletters, comp-wide emails (elaborate more ex) - Ability to learn L faster = comp. adv.  L.O = org -> create/org/share/retain info and K; new K to change behaviour to meet obj/inc. eff - Org value/policies ace L for ee - C in w.s/p/s/team/mgmt. - 5 factors: personal mastery/build shared vision/mental models/team learn/system thinking (view org = whole, see rel. parts) - Principles of LO: everyone = learner, learn = form= I future of ee/org, NOT EXP  LO (cdn): - Identify vision/cl/learning dynamic/k-mgmt - 56% in LO, 30/50/20 -> hi/med/low - Diff in regions/indus - Service < manu+trade; Que = LO  LO/ LO effectiveness: - Hi-lo> non-hi-lo: ee retention, ee satis., prod. Of Q p/s, overall org perf - + rel: LO vs. financial perf  K in ORG: - Inc. p/s = new k/s = req new K to remain comp - Ee K = all info - K = x > info ( edited/contxt/anal) - 2 types: explicit (buy/trade; ex: formula for coke; written/procedural), tacit (experience/insight, need contact (app/part/mentor), cant transfer, “know-how,” tricks)  IC = org’s K/exp/rel/proc disc/innov/ “market” - K “value”; prod “v”-ed asset; growth w/ use - 4 types of capital: HUMAN(ksa, comm skill, (a) to learn/reason/analyze) /RENEWAL (patents) /STRUCTURAL (form+inform; ee comm/solve prob/decide) /REL (sup/cust/comp; trust+inte; customer cap) - IC cycle: inc. HC -> RC+S-C -> RC inc. -> $$ -> inc. IC - Recall, LO = prog/culture req’d inc org’s CAPITAL to create IC  K-mgmt: collect/create/star/idss/app “know-what” (tacit); value exist when (they need, available who need, put into act); only 31%; managed thru the 4: - K-ACQ: env scanning – org/cust/industry/”market”, : formal L – act/events planned w/ explicit goals (T/D) : informal L (natural+ad hoc/incidental/coach/mentor/group ps/lunch) Factor FORMAL INFORM Control Org Learner Relevance Variable, not INDI Related to INDI time Delay Immediate use Structure and schedule High Low outcome Spec. outcome Non-spec e-mail: most used inform, McD: informal -> need to train in short time COP: group = common/concern/share their exp and K. L from ea., try new approach for prob solv. 3 characteristics: domain (of interest), comm (interaction), practice (res/exp/store to solv prob) COP exist = dep in org/reg. it’s f2f+tech COP = effective = inc. org perf (strat, new lines of biz, solve prob, promote, spread of best practice) Manager focus: find (p) comm -> develop infra -> assess value of org COP - K-interpretation: mental model; take t to understand; deeped assumpt/gen/image how we see the world - K-disseminate: move! Ideas, informal sys -> formal mechanism; ICT: easy trans; intranet - K-retention: org build tools to quickly compile/str/retruc; intell inv; growth popular = cost of manage goes down thanks to tech; “oral” -> c
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