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Lecture 3

ADMS 3660 Lecture 3: CLASS 3 READINGS

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 3660
Allan Greenbaum

January 24. Ethical frameworks continued and applied Mike Martin “Whistleblowing, professionalism, personal life, and shared responsibility for safety in engineering” 1. Whistleblowing 1. Ee’s or former ee’s convey info about a significant problem to public against pressure from company 2. External whistleblowing vs internal 2. External whistleblowing: info passed to outside whistleblowing of organization (ex. gov’n, press) Internal whistleblowing: info passed higher up chain of command 3. DC-10 Cargo doors example 3. Dan Applegate wrote memo to VP informing him doors will come open and result in loss of airplane. 346 people died. 4. Pinto Ford example 4. Frank Camps said windshield was safe when wasn’t. Sent memos to higher management and concerns were incorporated into new Pinto although a million with unsafe windshields and gas tanks were already on roads. 5. Challenger space shuttle example 5. Recommended space shuttle not be launched. Top management launched anyways killing 7 crew members including schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe. 6. First approach to whistleblowing: Condemning 6. Final decisions fall on management and when whistleblowers they fail the company does have to pay in lawsuits and reputation. 7. Second approach to whistleblowing: 7. Threatens careers, uncomfortable work enviro Whistleblowing is a tragedy to be avoided. for whistleblower. 8. Second approach cont. how can whistleblowing 8. (1) Top management can set moral tone be avoided? (2) Implement policies (3) Managers can keep an open door 9. Third approach: obligation of engineers 9. Engineers must whistle blow as an obligation above all other considerations 10. External whistleblowing obligatory when 5 10. (1) serious and considerable harm to public conditions met: (2) one reports harm and expresses concern to immediate supervisor (3) exhausts other channels w/in corporation (4) documented evidence that would convince reasonable, impartial observer (5) believes going public will prevent harm 11. Arguments in balancing personal and 11. (1) Prevent Harm: treat others equally and professional obligations impartially w/ our own. Do most good for most people. AGAINST: prevents us pursuing meaning in own lives as it undermines it (2) Avoid Harm: obligation not to cause harm. (3) Professional Status: special responsibilities, code of ethics which go beyond responsibilities placed on anyone else 12. Virtues most important for engineers 12. (1) Virtues of self direction (a) intellectual virtues (technical expertise) (b) integrity (honesty, courage) (c) wisdom (good judgement) (2) Team work virtues (a) loyalty (b) collegiality (c) cooperativeness (3) Public Spirited Virtues: good of others (a) justice Norman Bowie “A Kantian approach to business ethics” 1. Kantianism aka 1. Deontology (Base morality on certain duties/ obligations and claim certain actions are right or wrong in themselves (bas
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