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Administrative Studies
ADMS 3900
Lois King

Critical thinking is an approach to reading, thinking and learning that involves asking questions, examining assumptions, and weighing the validity of arguments. Critical: means to question analyze or make sense of something. Dimension of critical thinking Critical thinking has 5 major parts 1. Central claim (It is purposeful) a. Trying to settle a problem, develop an answer to a question, or decide on an appropriate action. b. Quality of the evidence i. Quality of the data and reasons available to support the claim. ii. Underlying assumptions 1. Identify the points of view that underlie the stated belief and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. 2. Casual claims a. Inference about cause and effect b. Judging the validity of casual inferences c. Techniques of persuasion i. Ways in which ideas are expresses in order to persuade readers and listeners ii. key concepts are presented, how contradictory evidence is managed iii. How words can sway judgment Identify authors claim: major conclusion the author is trying to persuade us to accept Claim is not: example, definition or statistic.
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