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ADMS 4260
Manfred Maute

4260: Lecture 1 September 9 2013 - How do we assess performance? - 2 things about what research is, in a decision making framework, kings of decisions marketing managers must make - the role of research is to provide information that enhances the effectiveness of that decision making - 2 different perspective: marketing managers perspective (most will end up in career path) and research professionals perspective and we’ll look at their roles in terms what is the foundation concept of this course - How to do research, Fig 1: Series of steps for how to do research: perspective you take about what’s important in terms of these stages varies as a function of who you are and what your job responsibility is, manager is different than research professional - 2 broad approaches to doing research: in this course, concerned more with project based research, provide decision making about problems/opportunities that are unique, that’s a different approach than what is known as systems based research (information based systems) - Unique set of concepts, ideas, theories, principles that go with research, big part of responsibility is allowing us to help understand the language - Critical point of transition for things that are practically useful is combining this theory with opportunities to apply in a real world situation, will be given in a case, take ideas and you can work with them in a practical approach, promotes deeper learning and use the ideas practically - The big responsibility that people have who are involved in research enterprise is figuring out trade-offs between doing something more, taking more time, investing more effort and money, taking simpler and direct route to get lower quality or less information, etc. Will get us to exercise this critical thinking with trade-offs, build capacity to work in team environment and help us to communicate more effectively, recommend courses of action - What are we directly trying to achieve? - The best decision people make is research doesn’t pay, will be situations where if in research payoff is limited, one of the most important thing to do is understand the role research plays in terms of making decision making more effective, knowing when not to do it, knowing what to do and how to do it, to get information that helps managers make better decisions - Stuff we see on research side is regarding a problem/opportunity that the firm doesn’t know what to do about it and reluctant to precede without more information, we hope to develop capability to tear apart business problems to look at problems and translate that need for information into a creative and cost effective plan for research - SPSS program - will work with this program, powerful but not complicated tool, capability to pull meaning from big complicated data - Throughout, will focus on application and understand what went right/wrong, what they could have done differently to produce a research outcome with practical examples (Coke Example), fantastic illustration, decide to terminate successful brand, did wrong research and brought it back - Research Process o Procedural description of what you do to produce research and its structure for book and course Lecture - Articles: what to know about them, will ask about the article on the exam, not expecting to have detailed knowledge but could you explain why article is important and could you describe what research insight comes from application illustrated - Article to read gathering data; basic ways of gathering primary data are communication and observation. Interesting insights couldn’t get by not asking someone, gist of article is why observation is appropriate here, if you know that you’re prepared to ask what the article is and why it’s important - What marketing is, what kinds of information do we need to make the most important marketing solutions - M
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