ADMS 3930 Lecture 4: ADMS 3930 – WEEK 4

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ADMS 3930 – WEEK 4
The nature of planning
Failure of planning is the case of planning not being done at all
Acted upon and/or implanted poorly
oOrganization : suggests a detailed plan; predictable arrangement of
Organization wont be able to fulfill any purpose wi/o planning
oImprovement in performance can be obtained for what has been
achieved and not achieved and diagnosing why this happened in order
to improve future performance
oWithout diagnosing a plan, it is impossible for success
Planning studying was more rewarding than doing it
Doing is more harder than planning
Goal displacement : a subsitition of routine policies for the actual goals that
subverts the purpose of the organization
oReowkring a plan may be just as important as the orginal plan
When the planners don’t become the doers – this creates a problem
oAll plans need to reflect the human needs of those who will be
involved in implantation
oMtoivaiton can suffer if it doesn’t address the extrinsic and intrinsic
motivational factors, performance will also be impacted
Creator of plan is far more committed to success
Rotating planners and doers were not practical success
Planning Steps for Managers
GMS : modification of mission and vision statements
oCurrent period or long range
Middle and loer level mangers
oPlan for specific organization units that they supervise
oShorter range planning
oIf structure is decentralized or enable power sharing, lower level
managers to consult on overall goals and policies
oMay have some sort of input ( lower level managers)
Steps of planning :
o1. Information gathering
osetting goals
oestablishing policies and procedures
oanaylzing and determining corrective actions
ifno gathering : to ensure the specific organization unit can achieve the
performance expected from it, and that its local goals are feasible
oplanning process may begin from up hierarchy
mgmt. must consider:
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