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Lecture 2

ANTH 1120 Lecture 2: ANTH-1120 LECT 2

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ANTH 1120
Christianne Stephens

ANTH-1120 MAKING SENSE OF A CHANGING WORLD LECTURE 2 “Universal” human motivations and cultural values; looking at ourselves through others Looking at ourselves through others: - Anthropologists explore other cultural practices - In looking at the culture of others, anthropologists defamiliarize their own culture, and can reflect on its construction - This can lead to cultural critique (a critique on one’s own culture), which we examine today The Naci Rema article used a de familiarization technique: De familiarization: The use of anthropology to draw critical attention to aspects of an anthropologists social and cultural practices seen as natural, and to present them in way that emphasizes what is unusual, mysterious, and strikingly different. To imitate the way other cultural practices are sometimes describes as exotic. What can be learning about other people tell anthropologists The critical perspective of anthropology - Engage in analysis of other cultures - Engage in critical critique Determinisms and human behaviour: - Specific determinism is grounded in the belief that effects relate to particular domains of causes - Determinism are powerful, because they explain the world in which we will why things happen - Biological determinism - Cultural determinism - Environmental determinism - Anthropologists have for many decades challenged biological determinism, and see culture, biology, and environment as having a shared role in shaping human activity. Critique of naturalizing discourses ANTH-1120 MAKING SENSE OF A CHANGING WORLD LECTURE 2 - Anthropologists identify and critique naturalizing discourses - Naturalizing discourses: discourse is a communication of thought and includes particular ways of writing or speaking. A naturalizing discourse is a way of speaking about cultural practices that suggests it is natural usually biological based on genetic, and therefore fixed or unchangeable. The way things are they just can’t help it. The practice of cultural critique: The use of a
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