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Lecture 9

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York University
ANTH 1120
David Murray

ANTH 1120 Lecture 9Ethnography Mama Lola1 Review2 Mama Lola by Karen McCarthy Brownan ethnography is an exercise in bridge building where the anthropologist tries to explain and translate how a group of people create meaning or significance in their livesexternally imposed definitions of VodouVodou is an example of a creole cultural formation McCarthy Brown talks about doing ethnography work and writing an ethnographic textDescription of practices of Voudu and how they are usefulThe way McCarthy brown does her research how she studies the topic and does her researchTalk about some of challenges she faced when she was doing this work 3 Mama LolaIntroductionVoudou is volves an idea of possession someone becomes possessed and people do strange things because they are possessed by spiritsmagicvodou gets connected to groove activities and a lot of sexual imigary with voudu it is associated with people of African descent oVoudu is an example of creole cultural formationoCrole is just a cultural perspective in which you see cultures of Africa or indifgenious blended into other culturesoVoudu part of Creole culture in Carribean based on Africans in Haiti and their expereinecesoMama Lola about an immigrant in NY City and how the works changes a bit for her and her communityMama Lola VideooMama Lola is my grandmother Long time ago people used to hide these woman and not anymore
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