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ANTH 2170
Karen Mc Garry

SEX LOVEAND MARRIAGE 01/11/2012 ➔ Next tutorial → essay writing th ➔ February 29 → no readings ➔ 2 copies of rough draft (first 4 pages) ➔ AND NO TUTORIALS ➔ TEST #3: feb 15th—no tutorials th ➔ January 4th-February 8 covered ➔ Section 1: Identify/definitions of key terms ➔ Section 2: essay ➔ DENISE BRENNAN II ➔ Sex worker versus prostitute: what is the difference? Why does she use the term “sex worker” in this context? ➔ Sex worker → some element of choice over situation ➔ Prostitution → oppression, exploitation ➔ Argues: there was a wide range of womens' experiences in the sex trade, problematic to make generalizations such as all are being exploited or are benefiting financially ➔ Tries to demonstrate a link between globalization and the production of sex scapes ➔ Globalization → transnational interactions (between ppl from different nations). One form is known as sex scapes → entanglements between sex worker and client. ➔ Even after the men leave, they maintain these attachments ➔ Faxes → how they stayed connected ➔ Unequal power relations between men and women → sex scapes ➔ Many of the women interviewed are trying to defy the notion of oppression. Reinvent power relations. They do this through imagining new possibilities for themselves → social imaginaries ➔ For some it was a survival strategy → engage to meet short term financial needs ➔ Others it is an advancement strategy → long term goals and expectations ➔ They imagine getting involved with a foreign man may lead to a better life for them and their family ➔ “Myth of Opportunity” ➔ Very few women in the long term came out in a better position and yet they continue to dream about the possibilities ➔ 2 types of sex workers → 1) dependent – live at back of bars, mostly Dominican male clients-- less choice about hours, do not need to pay rent, smaller pay, have multiple sexual partners in one night and 2) Independent -live in boarding houses or occasionally own apartment, foreign clients —earn more per client, live away from bars, wire transfers, pay more rent, more freedom of choice in terms of hours and days to work, fewer hours—expensive way to live, need to be able to furnish apartment, get necessities ➔ HAZARDS: What dangers they face on a day-today basis? How these dangers are different for the two types of sex workers. ➔ Q1:Sexual harassment, rape, abuse, killed → emotional stress ➔ Q2:Independent → arrested by police, less security being at home thus you are responsible for screening clients, do not have protection of others, cannot always communicate effectively with clients Dependent → their clients speak spanish ➔ Why do they choose this work? ➔ p. 120 “Simply put...... ➔ Came from poverty, lower classes, no money or resources for education, economically marginalized, 1 out of 4 are living below the poverty line in the DR, nannies, babysitters → domestic situations taking care of children and homes → acceptable role for women → these jobs do not pay enough for these women to get past the poverty line. ➔ Sex work versus zona franca → export processing zones are geographically bounded regions that you find near major ports and inside these zones you get numbers of factories and these produce goods that are sported to Western nations. Since 1960's → tourism, large scale agriculture and export zones – important. Majority of products end up in industrialized countries like the U.S. They were created in the 1960s, expanded in the 80's and women have migrated from rural to urban areas and most are women. Sex workers don’t want to work here. Sex work → more control, more money. 56-80 hrs per week, overtime and no pay, sexual harassment/abuse. Women are on their own. ➔ OTHER REASONS: lack of male provider—feminization of labour force, but even as breadwinners women cling to traditional understandings of gender relations –men are solutions to financials problems, disjuncture between ideals and lived realities ➔ Ideals of Femininity in DR: DR-- catholic nation mainly, Virgin Mary is a symbol of femininity. How? Why? --mother, nurturer, these ideals are changing, we are supposed to
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