ANTH 3240 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Louis Althusser, Judith Butler, Identity Formation

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27 Nov 2011
Lecture Nine: The Princess and the Fairy
November 9, 2011
Ideological State Apparatus - Louis Althusser
ISAs - “realities” that function by ideology
Ideology represents the imaginary relationship of individuals to their real
conditions of existence
-Consider the simulacra
Ideology has a material existence
-Think about how ideologies affect and shape our lives
-Society makes the individual in its own image
Ideology interpellates individuals as subjects
-Social practices shape the way that we are
-Refer to the Judith Butler reading
-Society imposes on us our characteristics
-Tells us what our personalities, limits and capabilities are
Ideological Practice - comes from a variety of institutions called ideological
state apparatuses, or ISA’s. This includes
-The family
-Religious organizations
-Education system
We are shaped according to these ideological practices.
Society makes the individual in its own image
How we are able to perceive of “ourselves” is not a given byt learned through
established social practices.
We “become” through various social practices
Identity Formation
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