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Lecture 10

Lecture Ten: The Lolita

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ANTH 3240
Allyson Mitchell

Lecture Ten: The Lolita November 16, 2011 Foucault’s Theory of the Panopticon Prison Foucault claims that systems of domination work together to create an environment that constantly imposes disciplines upon bodies. This prison structure is a metaphor for the Gaze. The way in which the prison works is that there is a tower in the middle of the prison with the guards in it above everyone. - Surrounding the tower is a massive circular structure which contains all the cells - At any given time any cell could be being watched, but they cannot see the guards so they never know if they are being watched or not. Controlling Forces Subtle Coercion - the threat of authoritative figures being present may discourage some people from going places Distribution of Bodies - certain people live in certain neighborhoods, certain people associate with certain groups, where people are placed in certain situations (example: teacher sits at the front of the classroom, prisoners are behind the bars in jail) Controlling Activity - what we are being told that our bodies should be doing and when (example: work during the day, sleeping at night, lunchtime at noon) Correct Training - learning certain skills in certain groups, such as sport teams Power controls and constructs people not only through ideologies and force, but through surveillance, supervision, observation and measurement of the body - It is through these ways that people are being “made” - Once a person is “created” they are then divided into whether they are a usable body or a useless body The Normalizing Gaze It is the normalizing gaze that observes, differentiates and judges which eventually causes the subject to discipline themselves, each other and singularly, through the threat of the gaze. We discipline others through the use of direct comments, passive remarks or jokes in order to signify to them that they are not “normal” enough The Docile Body - an “empty” object of which these forces can inscribe themselves upon for discourse. Bio-Power - the ability to normalize our lives and regulate ourselves Laura Mulvey and the Male Gaze Hollywood cinema constructs the viewer as male and the woman as the object of desire - Men are the subjects - Women are the objects This construction dictates the plot, the characters, the way it is filmed, the lighting, the directing, the lines ect - The viewers are encouraged to identify with the male protagonist (regardless of whether the viewer is male or female) Subjectivity - Who we are - How you are a person - How you are a subject - How you are to articulate “I”, both biologically and culturally - How you experience yourself (include that which is indescribable) Scopofilia The pleasure of looking at someone is called scopofilia. - “Taking other people as objects, subjecting them to a controlling and curious gaze” - Almost voyeuristic - The way in which the films are consumed create a relationship between the viewer and that which is happening on the screen (traditional movie theaters, in the dark, large plush curtains ect) “To-be-looked-at-ness” - The physical presentation of women - How they appear is specifically to attract the attention of males - Women are objects which should be looked at We are looking at these imag
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