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Sept. 13 2012 ANTH 3350 Lecture #2 Genealogy Genealogy – a knowledge genealogy, or a family genealogy that attach to a narrative or mythology. It’s a matter of tracing the lines of a particular idea of set of practices - the genealogy we will trace has to do with HIGH and LOW - this is a basic way of how we understand our bodies and the history of capital - its basic to how we fashion ourselves and is basic to the modern subject - we want to look at how the body is made into an example - how is the modern subject constituted in the world today (through a euro north American understanding) - we want to see how the modern body is constituted as a modern subject and a category and as a body, as a legal category, an economic category, etc. - the power of this narrative is that is will not only define the modern subject but also it becomes a way of forming various domains of life – ex: space, or forms, religious forms Myth/ Narrative/ Opposition of High and Low - 1 cultural domain: the body - think about the body in terms of the 5 senses and where are they located - they are mostly associated with the upper body - sight: the gaze, the window of the soul - but the lower bodily functions attach a certain ideas - our idea of knowledge has everything to do with sight and opening up - there is a hierarchy to the senses which is all associated with seeing and knowing (Ex: o let me see how that tastes, ok. O let me smell how that feels, No) - Synaesthesia – perceiving and sensing the world simultaneously - Some people are open to feeling the words they are writing, but most of us are not. And all of these restrictions are attached to us from the upper body - The lower body: waste, sex, excluded from the everyday - We have a lower body problem – repression – things that we call repulsive - And this relation is what we call natural, and thus the lower body is what is not clear to us and is opaque and not knowing what to do with it (ex: pornography) - the relationship between repulsion and fascination - why must we create so many higher institutions to guide and guard the lower - there is an authority structure in the social world that is imbedded in us and we guide ourselves as to how much of the lower body we can deal with - so what we find repulsive is still very fascinating – we cant get away from it - 2 cultural domain: social classes - high income = upper class – they fill all those institutional positions - lower class = physical work rather than mental work, working for the institution - 3 cultural domain: geography - where do the rich live? Forest HILL, uptown - you can locate the geography of the city in terms of high and low th - 4 domain: moral categories - when your feeling good your feeling high, up - you can see more clearly in the high
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