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BIOL 1000
Nicole Nivillac

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Welcome to BIOL1000! Biology I - Cells, Molecular Biology and Genetics Instructor: Dr . Nicole Nivillac E-mail: [email protected] E-mail etiquette • Subject Line: Course code and descriptor e.g. “Biol1000– question regarding active transport” • Write in formal letter format. Be Professional • Proper Salutation (e.g. Hello Dr . Nivillac) • Full sentences. Proper spelling. • Be clear. • NO texting acronyms • Include NAME and STUDENT NUMBER at end. Classes/ Tutorials • Mon, Wed, Fri : 1:30-2:30pm in LAS C • Tutorials announced as needed. - Usually Q & A style. • Office hours – TBA but you can always e- mail me to make an appointment. • Large Class – etiquette! Classroom Etiquette Be respectful of your classmates. If it will disturb someone do NOT do it!!! • Talking • Eating • Watching You Tube or other videos • Listening to loud music, singing, humming… • Arriving late • Leaving early Course website (Moodle) outline, News, Quizzes, Policies, Files, Discussion forum: Q re: course material? Please post it to the discussion boards if you’re comfortable - other people likely to have same question! Any Moodle related questions? Contact CNS Client Services: Voice: 416-736-5800; E-mail: [email protected] Course Outline (Available on Moodle) BIOL 1000 Materials • Course textbook available in the Bookstore: Russell et al. “Biology: Exploring the Diversity of Life” 1st Canadian ed. Nelson Publishing. • Lab manual – available in the Bookstore • Turning Point Clicker – see Course Outline and “Clicker Information” document on Moodle. Purchase (New or Used) • Register your device by Jan 18, 2013 • How to use your T extbook “If you ask students why they read the textbook, they say it’s to help them understand the lectures. It should be the other way around: students should be coming to class in order to get help understanding the reading!” - E. Mazur How to use your Textbook • Check out: • Table of Contents • Index • Glossary • When reading, pay attention to: • Figures • Key concepts • Threads between other chapters/topics. Clickers • Beginning soon, we’ll be using clickers in class. • Allows us to: – Check for understanding (or opinions) – Quickly get an idea of how the class is thinking. – Adjust our plans, depending on what results we see! Clicker is bundled with textbook at bookstore, but can also be obtainedfrom ComputingServices. QUESTION What would occur to protein movement in the plasma (cell) membrane if the temperature were suddenly decreased from 37 to 20 degrees celsius? Explain. 1. Protein movement would remain the same. 2. Protein movement would increase. 3. Protein movement would decrease. Slides • I’ll try to get slides posted ahead of class whenever possible. If not possible before class, they will be posted as soon as I can after class. • Posted slides may differ slightly from those shown in class. • The notes *you* make are the most valuable in terms of learning the material. • Clicker questions posted after class. Assessment Must pass both the lecture and laboratory independently in order to pass the course. Item Weight Date Test 1 18% Feb 8 (45 minutes) Test 2 22% March 15 (45 minutes) Final exam 33% TBA Laboratory 22% Throughout course Additional Activities (e.g. click5% Throughout course questions, reading quizzes etc.) • The final exam will be cumulative. • Clicker questions, Moodle quizzes/assignments, surveys, are relatively small activities contributing towards total points; lowest 20% will be dropped. Moodle Quizzes • “Test” quiz (activities grade) o To test Moodle settings o Contributes towards participation grade o Must be completed by Jan 18, 2013 • Reading Quizzes (acti
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