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York University
BIOL 1001
Tamara Kelly

Feb 14/14 Bottle neck - catastrophic event happens - limiting genetic variation Founders effect - smaller population moves Gene flow - populations migrates • Some genes - neutral mutation (CGT/CGG/CGA = Arg) can lead to fixed allele frequency • If a neutral allele has 0.7 frequency - it has 70% chance of being fixed and 30% chance of being lost • Genetic drift reduces genetic variation • Endangered - at risk of becoming extinct • Critically endangered - will decrease tremendously within 3 generations • Non-random mating - small population very limited choice - female chooses usually (very particular) • Positive assortive mating - heterozygosty in pop decrease • Negative assortive mating - dissimilar to you (when mating) increases proportion in heterozygotes population Clicker question - C • Does not increase rate of mutation (inbreeding- mating within a population) therefore nothing happens because mutation is done at genetic level • Does not increase level of frequency of recessive alleles - if both siblings are heterozygotes the homozygous recessive allele is 25% - therefore the number of big A is 1/2 and little a 1/2 therefore it doesn't increase nor decrease. • It changes genotyp
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