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sexual selection

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BIOL 1602
Rebecca Jubis

 Natural selection is a potent force for divergence Sexual Selection  Sexual selection acts on characters involved in mate choice. Changes in sexual selection can cause reproductive isolation and trigger rapid divergence  Sexual selection is a form of natural selection that results from differences among individuals in their ability to obtain mates  It has been shown that changes in the way that a population of sexual organisms chooses or acquires mates can lead to rapid differentiation from the ancestral populations  The key point is that sexual selection promotes divergence efficiently because it affects gene flow directly 16.4- Secondary Contact  Suppose a particular speciation event begins with the geographic isolation of two populations and a corresponding reduction in gene flow, and then continues as selection, mutation, and drift cause genetic divergence between the two groups Reinforcement  If populations have diverged during a period when the groups lived in different geographic areas, then any hybrid offspring that are produced should have markedly reduced fitness relative to individuals in each of the parental populations o Basically if natural selection, genetic drift and adaptation worked against heterozygous offsprings, then hybrid offsprings would have decreased fitness  Due to this, there should be strong natural selection in favour of assortative mating- meaning that selection should favour individuals that choose mates only from the same population  Selection that reduces the frequency of hybrids in
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