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Lecture 5

BIOL 2021 Lecture 5: L5 Chapter 11b

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BIOL 2021
Patricia Lakin- Thomas

Chapter 11 channels cont 1) Gap junctions and porins o large pores o little selectivety o find them at celltocell junctions o find them in organelletocytosol o WONT find in outside of cell bc they let lots of things in 2) Aquaporins water channels FIGURE 1119 o special pores that transport only water o block ions o found in epithelial cells of the kidney exocrine cells 3) Ion channels o Figure 1121 o Mechanism Transport inorganic ions Show ion selectivity Mechanism = form a narrow hydrophilic pore Ions pass in a single file = selective filter Conformational change to open or close NOT during transport Opens and just stays there so things can just go through fast o Energy source Passive transport
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