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BIOL 2021 Lecture Notes - Dark Field Microscopy, Optical Microscope, Bright-Field Microscopy

Course Code
BIOL 2021
Julie Clark

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Biol 2021- January 4, 2011
Review cell structure (chapter 8 & 9)
Visualizing cell (chapter 9)
Bacterial cell
NO INTERNAL MEMBRANE- prokaryotes only have plasma membrane
Bacteria have cell wall, cell membrane, ribosomes and enzymes inside
- Yeast
- Internal membranes in
- Everything has a
- Cell walls- bacteria, plants,
fungi are all different
- Vacuole: major storage
organelle in plant
Visualizing cells
1) Light microscope
Bacteria and
mitochondria are usually smallest objects whose shape we can discern in the light
Transmits visible light through specimen
Bright field (full light spectrum): normal light microscope in which the image is obtained
by simple transmission of light through the object being viewed
2) Phase contrast
Can see living cells
No need for stain; transparent cells become visible
4 types of light microscopy-(A) bright field microscopy, (B)phase-contrast, (C) Narmarski
differential-interference-contrast microscopy, (D) dark field microscopy
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