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Lecture 32

BIOL 3200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 32: William Thomson, 1St Baron Kelvin

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BIOL 3200
Jan Sapp

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BIOL 3200
Lecture 32
Chapter 6: Dissent from Darwin
- Dari oied ay iologists of eolutio, ut did’t oie the that
natural selection was the cause of origin of species
- Between 1860-1930 a lot of people doubted his of natural selection, and
thought about alternative mechanisms to account for diversity in species and
- It was thought that natural selection acting on chance variations was not enough
to cause direction in evolution, as evolution causes increase in complexity
- Evolution through natural selection was a tinkering process:
Life is without design or purpose
This is asially hat Dari’s etaphor of atural seletio as sayig,
everything was by chance
- Critics thought this metaphor was a bit misleading because there is no known
force in nature that deliberately selects
- Natural selection is not a promoter of evolution, but a device to help weed out
the unfit
- Evolution is a matter of chance and necessity
Chance provides raw material for evolution
BUT atural seletio or surial of the fittest as hat
directed/drove evolution
Evolutions refused to leave the origin of life to such an unorganized and
undirected process
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