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BIOL 4370

Sept 26 th • Somatosensory sub-modalities: - touch (mechanoreceptive) - temperature (thermoreceptive) - pain (nociceptive) - body position (proprioceptive) • Dermatomes: certain areas are related to certain areas of the spinal chord - section are cervical, thoracic, lumbar, or sacral • Skin: we have specialized receptors in skin - underneath fingerprint we have free nerve endings (end of axons) are responsible for thermoreceptive and noiciceptive • touch (mechanoreceptors) have 4 different axon endings - meissner corpuscle: detect low frequency vibrations. Receptive field: small. Adaptation is reduction of APs firing over time during constant stimulus: slow - merkel cellneurite complex: detect texture or spactial tactile acuity. Receptive field: small. Adaptation: rapidly - ruffini endings: skin stretch sensation. Receptive field: large. Adaptation: slow - pacinian corpuscle: detect high frequency vibrations. Receptive field: large. Adaptation: rapidly • some axons for pain, temp, or itch are thin and unmyelinated (c ) take 1s to travel 1m - some axons for pain and temp are less thing and a little myelinated (a delta) take 100ms to travel 1m - some axons for touch are thick (a beta) take 20ms to travel 1m • dorsal root ganglion cells contain cell bodies outside of CNS - AP (primary order neuron) of A delta and C enters spinal cord at dorsal root and synapse in gray matter of dorsal horn. Secondary order neuron desiccates and - AP of A beta ascends dorsal column and goes to caudal medulla and synapses . second order neuron reveives glutatmate from primary, and th
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