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BIOL 4510
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BIOL4510KINE4510 Extracellular Matrix Extracellular Matrix The extracellular matrix ECM is essential for maintaining tissue structure and to act as scaffolding for the myocytesIt ensures proper myocyte alignment during diastole and coordinates myocyte contraction during systoleThis is important for translating single myocyte shortening into myocardial mechanical function Comprised of1 Fibrillar collagen network mainly collagen type I especially and III as well as elastinEndomysium perimysium and epimysium 2 Basement membraneconnects the ECM to the myocyte components laminin fibronectin collagen type IV proteoglycans These are involved in cell to cell adhesion and adhesion of myocytes to the extracellular matrix3 Membrane receptorsintegrins involved in structural integrity and signalingThe integrins sense the amount of mechanical lading leading to changes in cell signalingcrosses over a lot with receptorbased signaling Collagen It is the most abundant protein in the body 25 of the total protein content It is the primary protein of connective tissueCollagen fibers form an external network in the extracellular space They help to hold cardiomyocytes into sheaths and allow them to work as a mechanical syncytiumgap junctions aligned long fiber directionsIn skeletal muscle collagen forms the tendons and tendon sheaths that connect the myofibers to boneCollagen holds all cells of the body together like the cement that is used to hold the bricks of a house together 1 connective tissue forms skeleton of the heart which allows attachment of great vessels heart chambers and valvesConnective tissue also orients and organizes the cardiomyocytes into very clear layers with the fiber orientation varying strongly as you go across the ventricular wall2
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