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CHEM 1509
Krista Phillips

Chapter 71 72System part of the universe chosen for study It can be as large as all the oceans on Earth or as small as the contents of a beakerSurroundings part of the universe outside the system with which the system interactsOpen system free exchanges energy and matter with its surroundingsClosed system can exchange energy with its surroundings but not matterIsolated system does not interact with its surroundingsEnergy the capacity to do workWork done when a force acts through a distance Moving objects do work when they slow down or are stoppedKinetic Energy the energy of a moving objectPotential energy due to condition position or composition it is an energy associated with forces of attraction or repulsion between objectsThermal energy kinetic energy associated with random molecular motion When the potential energy in the ball is converted to kinetic energy found in the ball the surface and the surrounding air In general thermal energy is proportional to the temperature of a system The more vigorous the motion of the molecules in the system the hotter the sample and the greater is its thermal energy However the thermal energy of a system also depends on the number of particles present A small sample at a high temperature such as 75C may have less thermal energy than a pool at 30CHeat energy transferred between a system an
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