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The Communication Models/ Communication Theory I

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Communication Studies
COMN 1000
David Skinner

The Communication Models Communication Theory ISaniya SoodAmanda IannoThe Transmission ModelThe Cultural Model ocommunication is a process of oculture way of life meaning moving messages from a sender developed throughout history through a medium to a receiverthe tending of natural growth oin transportation something is cultivatingocommunication sees moved from a source to a receiver by a certain agency or a communication as the medium construction of a shared space oin communication a message is or map of meaning within which people coexistmoved from a source to a oisolates the message and then receiver by a certain agency or medium use example from sends it from one place or book pg 18person to another emphasizes osourcemessagereceiver the fact people exist within a world of shared meaning that ofirst concern as a receiver if they take for rantedcommunication is whether what ocommunication defines and you are receiving is actually the determines our experience of same as the message
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