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Communication Studies
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COMN 4115
Dalton Kehoe

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Organizational Communication Lecture – October 18 , 2013h From Simple to Machine to Diversified: Deeper, Taller and Wider Organizations Summary: Functions and Organization Size and Age  In larger, mature organizations, functions are separated and highly specialized into departments (different people grouped together by function)  Delegation of authority comes with new structure  Implication for Machine bureaucracy is how neat and orderly it is. Environmental Overview: Box 2  Simple, stable: low perceived uncertainty  Needs predictability  Environment: o Small number of components o Components somewhat similar o Remain basically the same o Standardization of work o People can learn the job more quickly and can repeat it more often with less training  Appropriate Structure o High division of labor – high job specialization (many people do different work) o High formalization (depend on written rules) o High centralization (authority at top) The Machine Organization  As communication flow grows vertically, the horizontal communication suffers because as people specialize in their department, they don’t want to
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