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Ardeshir Noordeh

Lecture 1 Jan 8Our biological roots are from AfricaWe evolved from chimpanzees lived life in the trees but had to transition to land when global warming occurred 4 million years agoCerebellum developed as a result of transition in diet from herbivores to carnivores animalbased proteinOnion circle diagraminnertoouter layers in orderbiological self family socioeconomic status schooling friendsgangs mass media international scenebiosphereTeratologywhat can go wrong with biological self postnatally and prenatallymDNA mitochondrial DNA maternal DNA suggests that we all come from African tribes 5 million years ago our brains grew and slit from chimps to humans2 million years ago we developed a larger brain which allowed us to use tools1 million years ago we learned to use fire30 000 years ago brain fully developed which has allowed us to survive nowadaysOur cortex is 1inch thick if its ironed out the cortex would be the size of a pillow caseGerald Diamond came up with guns germs steelThese are the most important things we got from EuropeChristians thought the natives were devilsEOs believes that bugs r us and that we are degrading our planetWe produce Mad Cow in CanadaWe are the monkey in the mirrorMonkeys can recognize themselves in a mirrorHuman brains have 4 times the amount of brain cells that a chimp has4 million years ago we had the same brain size as chimpsHomohabilus ended up in Georgia from AfricaOur brain is 800 cubic centimetres400 cc bipedal we learned to walk600 cc theory of mind800 cc we started eating meat and the brain grew larger1200 cc we started developing grey matter and we became superior to other tribes4 of our DNA is Neanderthal DNA4 of people from Asia interbred with people with Syria this is still in our DNA1960s the first case of HIV happened through HIV contaminated blood being transferred from monkey to humanS Oppenheimer looked at research on DNA and fossils and saw that all women are related to 4 daughters and all men to 4 sons this supports the OutofAfrica TheoryLecture 2 Jan 15Haplotypewhat you carry in your genes tribesBRACA 12 gene the breast cancer gene came from IraqIt takes 10 000 years to change skin colourDiabetes 1 Symbol dialysis Symbol death kidney disease African tribes Somalilans have the highest obesity rateThe thrift gene produces fat when youre starving30 of Canadians are obese50 of Meditranneans are obesethAt 2 w the embryo is 110 inch long and the tail is firmly attached to the placentaAt 4 w arm buds and eyes developAt 5 w the nose developsAt 6 w the legs develop and its less thanan inch longAt 7 w can move hands eyelids form and internal organs are visibleAt 8 w fingers are welldefined toes visibleAt 10 w embryo considered a fetus stump of a tailAt 11 w fetus is 2inchesAt 12 w 3 inchesAt 14 w can bring hands togetherAt 15 w organs are formedAt 16 w fetus can turnAt 18 w 5inches long nasal plugs eyes are closed but can see fetal respiration occursOntogencyembryology living proof that development is mimicking our phonologyAutosomal dominantit means you only need to get the abnormalgenefrom one parent in order for you to inherit the disease One of the parents may often have the disease X0 Turner Syndromesterile small in stature a webbed neck lower than average IQXXX Super Femalecan produce normal children have a normal appearance but have profound retardationXXYXXXY Klienfelterscan have some female secondary sex characteristics underdeveloped testes and are sterileXYY Super Malefertile have low sperm counts large teeth are taller than normal are thought to be prone to violence and aggressionFragile X if in a girl learning disabilities in a boy its retardation maybe psychosisThere are no racial groups for diseases Tay Sack disease causes degeneration of the nervous system usually die by age 4 affects Jews of European descent and French CanadiansSickle Cell anemia people that survived Malaria adapted to fight it cells turned into Sickle shape that could resist the Malaria if both parents contribute the sickle cell gene baby cannot breathe affects primarily AfricansSpina Bifita neural tube defectNewfoundland Celtic peopleWe were once all bacteriaBacteria destroyed tribesH1N1 is back with a vengeanceTerogens are toxins that are in your system that will affect the development of the fetusMSG lead alcohol crack cocaine premature underweight baby 12 pounds are examples of terogensCrack babies can end up with cerebral palsyFetal alcohol effects are the most negative of any other drugManganeseInsecticide causes children to be shorter and have a lower IQUltra sounds damage one side of the brain and cause lefthandedness in malesAs baby develops neurons migrate and connectMarijuana was modified so heavily that there is a high percentage of THC in it and now it is harmful Lecture 3 Jan 22 Homicide highest within dysfunctional homesGoleman D The Emotional IQis EQ Greensplan S Floor time
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