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Lecture 3

abnromal psyc 3140-abnormal psyc Lecture 3 notes May 13.13.docx

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ECON 1000
Ardeshir Noordeh

Abnormal Psychology May 1313 The Family influences on abnormal developmentFamily can contribute to abnormalities in their children Eg hostility racism violence They can contribute to things like anxiety depressionTsarnaev boysthe ones that bombed the Boston MarathonTraditionally parenting has been authoritarian due to religion because a lot of religions believe in submission to the higher forces Autocratic do as I say and not as I dobeat your child to correct behaviors the younger the better because believed they would not rememberAuthoritativecare fore your child and who they hang out with but you are not friends with them find supportive services for them that they have a good crowd still have provide rules and structure and are at same time not permissive Permissive laissez fairelike a fiend more to child very permissive with letting child do as they please no for
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