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Lecture 3

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ECON 1000
Sadia Mariam Malik

Week 3Canada as a federation a federal state different levels of governments provinces with their own and a federal governmentDiff bw the prime minister and presidentharper is prime iminiser head of government not entire country thats the queenhead of stateGoverner general reps the queen in CanadaKathlyne whin became premier why Because last guy retired and she was voted in by parliamentTodayReview th Fur trade began in 17 centuryCompared to Us fur trade for French was not as labour intensive just tradingIn the US agriculture was the main thingThe Hudson bay became the largest land ownersReally not much going on in Canada except for a couple trading posts th In 18 century as demand for lumber was high trees became imp resourceTimber was an important resource for britatin for building shipsThey started to settle more in CDASeries of wars taking cda ffrom FrenchTimber trade is much more labour intensive o This meant more ppl immigrating to fill dmd for labour o Transportation was through waterwayscanals were builtIn massey case he would clear land and hire people to cut it down and then sell the timberMoney from selling timber and from selling back the landIn 1867 we get dominion of cda with 4 provinces o Alaska part of USABy 1900 they bgan growing moreIn Britain had corn laws encourage domestic production of grain so tarrif put on imports of grainLowered the duties to colonial territoriesCanada could sell wheat and grain and corn at lower rates than other countries British imperial preference olicybrit gave oreference to its coloniesIn 1846 need more grain and week coming in so repealed the corn laws to get more in for ppl cheaper prices as wellHurt cdn as well no adv shipping to Britain had to compete with other countriesHard for cdn farmers to continue export1850s becuz Britain reapealled thcorn laws we made reciprocity aagrreeement of 1854 for free trade with UsYou do something for me I do something for youNo duties on cdn wheat products sold in Us and Us gets cdn fish This treaty lasted for a long time but ended in 1866 o Because didnt want to dobusiness with british Canada o Was right after the Civil war 18611865
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