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APADMS 3920 300 AFall 2013 NEW VENTURE AND SMALL BUSINESS MANAGEMENTCOURSE SYNOPSIS Lecture Room Location ACE013Accolade East Building Aug 26 2013 COURSE DIRECTORINSTRUCTORTony Johnston MBA Finance BA Econ CGA CMC Email tonyjohnyorkuca PROFILE Tony Johnston is a broadly experienced senior executive corporateinvestment banker and management consultant For more than 20 years he has held various CEO CRO CFO and other management banking and advisory positions with a number of public and private companies in technology biotechnology manufacturing commercial services oilgas energy mining financial services and investment banking His successes include i transacting debt equity acquisitions divestitures and hedging deals worth more than 25 billion ii increasing a public companys value by over 66 millioniii delivering a 300 investment gain for venture capital partnersiv leading five corporate turnaroundsv providing strategic salesmarketing operational financingfinancial consulting services to over 200 client companies andvi launching 5 new businesses in Biotechnology Securitized Mortgage Servicing and ConsultingCOURSE OVERVIEWNumber of lecture sessions11 13 sessions less 1 InClass Midterm1 CoCurricular Day Length of lecture sessions3 hours on Fridays from 1130 AM to 230 PM Lecture session hours33 hours 11 sessions x 3 hours per session Textbook Pages to be Read 418 pages in total to be read minimum required Weekly Reading Workload 38 onaverage pagesperweek reading workload Group Projects 3 2 written 1 presentation combined worth 50 of course mark all related to the startup of a new business venture Exams2 Midterm and Final Exam worth 50 of course mark and made up of both multiplechoice and essay answer questionsProf Office HoursThe Course Director will be available to talk with students for 30 minutes before and after each weekly lecture session in lecture room ACE013 of the Accolade East Building or the hallway just outside students are requested to schedule such meetings in advanceCOURSE OBJECTIVESSTRUCTUREThe goal of this course is to position students to become either successful entrepreneurs effective members of an entrepreneurial team or capable small business owneroperators should a 1future circumstance present them with such an opportunity or create such need Through readings lectures discussions and practical groupwork projects students will be encouraged to a explore the dimensions and demands of new venture creation and small business management b learn about the various routes they can take to become an owneroperator of a business and c examine both from an academic and a practical perspective what are the multiple challenges and rewards inherent in being an entrepreneur intrepreneur family business participant or franchise operatorIn support of the above the key functional areas operative in most businesses will be reviewed particularly in the context of how they relate specifically to the planning and launching of a new venture and the ongoing operational management of a typical small business A distinguishing central feature of this course is the formation of entrepreneurial teams Accordingly all enrolled students will be required to organize themselves and join one of up to twelve newventure teams comprised of between four to eight people In addition to working as a collaborative cohesive unit each team will likely need to allocate among its members such responsibilities as venture leadership marketing sales operations finance human resources product development etcThe activities of these teams will allow students to experience first hand what it takes to organize and launch their own venture Examples of the tasks they will undertake are i opportunity identificationrecognition ii evaluation of industry attractiveness iii assessment of market opportunity iv evaluation of risks and rewards v recruitment of partners and key staff members vi marketing and sales campaigns formulation vii organization of finances viii raising capital and ix managing such other factors as production facilities cost containment administrative operations and results management and reporting After these teams have formulated their new business idea they will be required to document its marketing rationale in a business case to clarify howpromising viable and achievable it is after which they will prepare a 3 to 5 year strategic business plan addressing all aspects of the firms operations and financial activities and then prepare and present a business pitch presentation crafted to achieve a predetermined objective or goal On completing this course students should have achieved the following educational objectives1 understand the concept of entrepreneurship and become familiar with the profiles of noteworthy Canadian entrepreneurs2 understand how to find evaluate size and qualify entrepreneurial opportunities 3 understand how to organize and execute the pursuit of an entrepreneurial opportunity including learninga about the different i legal structures for businesses and ii avenues of entry into business ownershipb how to analyze strategic problems and develop practical solutions to business operational issues andc how to manage key functional areas such as marketing sales operations human resources management finance etc2
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