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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
EECS 1520
John Hofbauer

1 Psychology of Women: an overview - PSYC3480 3.0 M Monday, 14:30-17:30 CLH-E, 2014 Course Director Teaching Assistants Dr. Noreen Stuckless Naomi Carpenter Caroline Barnes Office: Rm. 285 B.S.B. 405 BSB 022 BSB Office hour: Monday, 12:00-13:00 Office hour: By appointment Wed. 14:30-15:30 e-mail: [email protected] email: [email protected] [email protected] Secretary: Rm 281 B.S.B., 416-736-5125 Prerequisite: HH/PSYC 1010 6.0 with a minimumgrade of C Textbook: Matlin, M. W. (2012), The Psychology of Women: Seventh Edition. Toronto: Wadsworth. Other material: A number of videos willbe shown during the course. There willalso be handouts including required readings. WELCOME TO PSYCHOLOGY OF WOMEN: AN OVERVIEW. This course explores factors associated with the psychology of women, including gender-role stereotypes, socialization practices, male-female differences, women and health, work and violence. At all times, the interpretation offered is made with reference to the broader social context. Course credit exclusions: AK/PSYC 3700E 3.00 (prior to Summer 2001), AK/SOCI 3880A 3.00 (prior to Summer 2005), AK/SOCI 3390V 3.00 (prior to Fall/Winter 2001-2002). The following is the lecture outline, basis for evaluation, and departmental guidelines for missed tests and examinations. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in class (Others may also have the same question), at office hours or by telephone. Expanded Course Description Organization of the Course - The course involves formal lectures including PowerPoint presentations by the instructor and possibly invited guests.The lectures will be supplemented by handouts and videos. The required readings from the text and handouts are central to the course. The lectures and videos will serve to enrich, clarify, and illustrate crucial issues from the assigned readings. There will be a number of break-out student discussions based on required handout readings. Course Learning Objectives (1) Brief statement of the purpose: In this course we will be looking at the Psychology of Women from theoretical, biological and applied perspectives. That is, how what we learn about the psychology of women can be used to acknowledge the contributions that women make to society and also to address many of the social-related issues that face women and men in our society. These social issues can include, but are not limited to, gender discrimination, partner violence, eating disorders. (2) Brief list of specific learning objectives of the course . To appreciate and critically evaluate women’s roles in society. To have a theoretical understanding of how gender identification develops. To examine society’s perceptions and attitudes towards women and men and the consequences of these perceptions and attitudes. To acknowledge the advances that women have made over the years. To understand the challenges facing women and girls in various societies . 2 Lecture Outline Chapter(s) Topic(s) Jan. 6 1: Introduction Introduction and introductions. What is a psychology of women? Research Issues Video: Gender Jan. 13 2: Gender Stereotypes Gender stereotypes and theoretical perspectives of gender identification Video: Killing us softly III Jan. 20 3: Infancy and Childhood Theoretical perspectives on Gender Identification. Developmental and social factors that influence our beliefs about ourselves and others. Jan. 27 4: Adolescence Developmental factors continued • Handout Reviving Ophelia (willbe given out in class Jan. 20) 5: Cognitive Abilities Gender comparisons/Achievement motivation Feb. 3 TEST ONE Feb. 106: Social and Personality Gender comparisons: Are women always more nurturing and empathic and less aggressive and assertive? 8: Love Relationships Lifestyles: single, heterosexual, lesbian, bisexual, partnership, marriage, divorce. Feb. 17READING WEEK Feb. 247: Women and Work. How do stereotypes relate to the workplace? • Handout Gendered Relations in the Mines and the Division of Labor Underground (will be given out in class Feb. 10) Mar. 3 9: Human sexuality 10: Pregnancy, Birth Stereotypes and reality. Changes over the years. Motherhood Mar. 10 TEST TWO Mar. 17 11: Physical Health Women and Health 12: Psychological Disorders Mar. 24 13: Violence Against Violence and women. Women
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