EN 2011 Lecture Notes - Billy Tipton, Trans Man, Miraculous Births

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25 Mar 2014

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Gender Studies I
EN2011 – Fall 2010 – Terry Goldie
Lecture 6 – Oct 21
Fall On Your Knees
- An event or object that is essential to the novel:
oKathleen’s diary.
oThe family tree.
oLily meeting Rose.
oRose’s suit.
oGreen dress.
oAmbrose Nightgown.
- Saint Ambrose is the source of the religious quotes that are on the funeral cards.
- Saint Ambrose becomes Frances and Lily’s guide.
Rose’s Suit
- What Rose’s suit represents in terms of Rose’s sexuality and Lily’s sexuality.
- Billy Tipton was a jazz performer, and he is an interesting figure in our
understanding of our sexuality. He dressed as a man on stage from the age of
18, in his early life he was referred to as a lesbian. He appeared the way he did
because he wanted to succeed in a man-dominated field.
- There is no reason to presume that Rose’s father exists. It is possible that it is a
character that Rose created just to give herself a father figure. Everything must
have a creator.
- She wants to be ‘Daddy’s girl’, the figure of her father.
- Is Rose explainable by her father? Her mother.
- Her sexuality could be a result of her mother’s career?
- If she is a response to her mother, her mother’s prostitution and drugs, play a
role in her sexuality.
- Rose looks after her mother’s drug addiction.
- Rose wants to reject what her mother is.
- Why does her mother want her to be such a success?
oRose’s colour is an issue both positive and negative.
oBe proud of your colour, be a representative of your colour.
oDon’t show your colour. Don’t be the low down person that the white
person wants you to be.
oThere is her mother dealing with a black child in a white society and trying
to make her the best black person in their society.
- Why is Jean who she is? Why is she a mess?
oShe is from an upper class background.
oShe has offended her family.
oShe wants to reject that family but she can’t.
- Jeans relationship to Kathleen.
- After she has the dream about Pete, she turns to daddy in her own mind.
- But daddy is Pete. The sexual abuser.
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