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Lecture 5

Beowulf and Intertextuality - Lecture 5.docx

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EN 1002
Judith Deitch

The Old English epic Beowulf and IntertextualityKey WordsAngloSaxonOld EnglishEpicGeatsDanesGrendelAnalogueSagaTranslationConversionThaneGrendels motherMiddle AgesMedievalPaganMigrationConquestFratricideFree willSourceSee a direct lineage Generations of storiesAnalogHas certain motifsMuch vaguermore general than a sourceGrendel and BeowulfGrendel is a novel Beowulf is an epicNovels present pointofview speaker automatically receives our sympathyGrendel is an embodiment of eviloHas human qualities oGardner works with and expands material in the original but also invents scenes thadds discourse from 20 century philosophyGrendel and Beowulf EssayoSelect one chapter only of the noveloThen match It up to the material in the original study what you findoFor your central idea ask yourself whether Gardner is mostly in harmony extending characters concepts from the original and say how or whether he is going against the grain mostly inventing and working against the original and say howBy giving Grendel so much sympathyIs that going against the grain in the original
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