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York University
EN 1006
Alison Halsall

English 1100 B Thurs. Oct. 2, 2008 Some definitions: Conceit  An extended metaphor Pg. 436 of text –read the sonnet What are some similes? • Her beauty is naturalized; read through nature that liken her to flowers The conceit Spencer uses in the sonnet is ‘lover as garden’ • Uses senses of touch and smell to evoke the beauty of the beloved What are some of the formal aspects of a sonnet? • 14 lines • Usually an ayamic pentametor • Rhyming couplets The Sonnet Form: Fixed verse form consisting of 14 lines that are five-foot iambics that rhyme Originated in Italy 13 century Reached highest forms of expression in 14 century in Petrarch Franscesco Petrarch: Italian scholar and poet Wrote 300 sonnets to Laura These sonnets contributed to renaissance flowering of lyric poetry Sonnets to Laura treat a variety of moods and subjects, particularly intense psychological reactions to his beloved Once the printing press was invented, Petrarch’s poems became increasingly widespread Petrarchan Sonnet Form: Treats the sonnet in three parts First -> octave states problem, asks question, expresses emotional tension Volta: turning point between octave and seste
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