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EN 1006
Alison Halsall

English 1100 B February 5, 2009 Satire: Mock Epic  • A satirical form that produces ridicule and humour by presenting low characters or trivial subjects in the lofty style of classical epic or heroic poems • Romantic is a useful and misleading term when referring to the poets of the late 18 century (Wordsworth, Biron, etc) • With their interests in nature where very interested in the organic nature of life • No self-styled romantic movement of the time – however romantic writers were aware of a new poetic movement, one that was new and fresh Romantic Movement  (Approx 1780-1848) • Mechanical aspects of classicism vs. organic aspects of romantics • Fresh ideal; o Of freedom o Of political freedom o Of artistic freedom • Romantic value, imaginative spontaneity, wonder, emotional self-expression • Know the period of Romanic movement and the overlap of one literary period to the next (ex. Victorian period started in 1837 while Romanic movement continues until 1848; slow transition of change) • Emphasis on visions of nature; visions of nature as divine • Why is it called Romanticisim? o Stems from romance o Strong notions of desire o Resurgence of interest in ballads and medieval romances Revolution  • Social and political period of turbulence
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