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EN 1006
Alison Halsall

Victorian Dramatic Monologues “the woman question”  Constructing an identity through poetry  The Vietnam crisis of faith Victorian  Moral Attributes  Character  Duty  Will  Earnestness  Hard work  Respectable behaviour  Thrift “The Woman Question”  Argument about nature and role of women in 1870s: petitions to parliament advocate woman’s suffrage  Married woman’s property acts allowed woman to own and handle property  Woman working in factories An Artists Studio  Transformation of a woman into an image of a woman  Criticizes image of a real woman  In portraits woman is depicted as a vibrant woman  Artists feeds in an exploited and hungry fasion  Painter cannot capture her as she is, other than through a set of metaphors  A painter can only depict how she was, but not how she is as she fills his dream  Objectification of model The Dramatic Monologue: A poem delivered as though by a single imagined person, the speaker is not to be identified with the poet  One speaker who gives his or her perspective, which is normally weird  Written in form of individual’s speech  Grants psychological insight into character  Directed to imagined listener  Browning chooses unexpected point of view that forces reader to accept unfamiliar perspective o Is capable of startling changes of focus within a poem o Use of irony My Last Duchess  Ferrara’s jealousy: o Of attention wife received from men o Of wife’s ability to be flattered  Offended by wife’s lack of gratitude ] o By wife’s lack of attention  “I choose/Never to stoop”  Ferrara’s possessiveness  Use of the word ‘my’  Is the duke of Ferarra  How do we know Ferarra is speaking? He poses questions  Implied listener  Who is he speaking to, who is he addressing
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